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I worked as a music editor at this blog throughout 2011. I came upon this gig because my friend Michael invited me to write for it - he was managing the music section for the blog. I had a lot of doubts about doing this - was I cut out for it? Was my writing good enough? Would I even enjoy it? But when it came down to it, this was obviously one of my dream jobs and I needed to give it a shot!

Out of all these show reviews, only a few of them were especially hard to write. Some of them, I ran home to type late into the night, spewing out 800 words in no time.

Most of the posts, I just articulated whatever I thought about the band, trying to be objective by assessing their sound, their style, their history...whatever I could. I found a certain formula I enjoyed, a scientific approach I take when I'm listening to these bands anyway. This is how I tried to beat the "every concert is a subjective experience" thought in the back of my mind.

I didn't get paid, but I got to go to lots of shows for free. Sometimes I would get sent to shows with photographers, who were all awesome people who I would've liked to know better. Their pictures also really enhanced my posts (what with pix being worth 1000 words).

As far as reception goes, I only got a few internet comments here and there, and checking the page counter, I found that I might get 1000 hits on a review of a band people actually know. This is the biggest audience I've ever written for, so that pushed me to try hard on every post! However, an unfortunate side effect is that it made writing personal blogs that no-one reads feel extra lonely and pointless!

At the end of 2011, Michael started being less involved in WeLoveDC, and as a consequence, I did too. I wasn't privy to the discussions of WeLoveDC as a business, but I'm guessing it didn't make money and looks pretty much abandoned as of now. The last music reviews are from October '14.

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