Published on July 1, 2015

Pinnastorm was a fun blog that my friend Amanda Mattos ran from 2010-2011. She had it all - culture posts, musician interviews, show previews and song reviews. I forget how this came together exactly, but I was probably running my mouth about mylifeismetal or something at a partly. When Pinnastorm was coming together, she approached me and asked for content, whatever I wanted to write really. I said, hellz yeah!


A Pocket Guide to Metal Subgenres
Digital Drugs: A Trip Report
Unironic Historical Metal: Ex Deo @ Sonar
Which Came First: The MP3s or the Misery?
A Hipster Reviews: What Was the Hipster?

Pinnastorm was a fun creative outlet for me. I had a couple stupid/genius ideas for posts and got to run wild with them. These are still some of my favorite things I've written! I cite A Hipster Reviews, What Was The Hipster? all the time to shut down any and all idiotic conversations about hipsterdom. MP3s or the Misery was a fun way to write some silly emo shit in completely fictional context. The Digital Drugs was a ridiculous exercise in listening-to-stupid-shit. This also led to my most popular post on Soundcloud - I uploaded a $100 i-Dose (I think it was "Gate of Hades"), which was up for about 4 years before it got copyright-claimed.

The blog is gone and the domain replaced by a mommy blog. Sigh!