Published on June 29, 2020

Turn your video clip into tiles. Customize the size, # of rows and # of columns of your tiles. Then start scrolling them!

I saw this effect at the 2020 MUTEK.SF virtual festival and wanted to recreate it. I can't find the stream I saw anymore. If I've learned anything from this virtual festival season, it's that Twitch doesn't keep archived videos around for long, and Vimeo keeps their live streams locked down.

I think this looks best when you get a single column of frames and slowly scroll them. But, I included "# of columns" as a parameter in case you want to get creative with it.

This is designed for Resolume 7 64-bit; it probably won't work with other versions! To use with Resolume, drop these .dll files into your Plugin Directory (set under Preferences->Video) and restart Resolume.

Source code here.
DOWNLOAD HERE. This software is provided for free under the MIT License. If you find this useful, consider donating $2 to support my future VFX efforts.