LIGHTDREAM is an interactive light art project first displayed in 2022. Evolving on the work we did on HYPNODROME, we're attaching 5250 LEDs to the struts of our geodesic dome. The LEDs are sequenced to music, and visitors can control the LEDs in realtime using the JUKEBOX OF DREAMS. We're also setting up for DJs to "plug-n'-play" and instantly get audio-responsive, tempo-synced light shows.

Software used: Resolume, TouchDesigner, Milkdrop, USC for sequencing, Arduino code, etc.

Festivals we've visited:

Portland Winter Lights (2022)
Critical NW (2022-23)
Burning Man (2022-23)

Reach out if you're interested in booking for multi-day events.

Early demo from me prototyping by taping up LED strips to my office wall.